Abstract Submission

All 2013 Mid-Atlantic Regional meeting attendees are invited to submit an abstract for a talk or poster. From these talks/posters SDB will select two travel awards up to $1,000 for the best best student and postdoctoral presentations (talk or poster) so that the winners may attend the subsequent annual SDB meeting in Cancun, Mexico (see Awards for more information). Abstract submission deadline is March 11th and authors will be notified whether their abstract was selected for an oral presentation at the Mid-Atlandic SDB meeting by March 15th.

Please submit your abstract for the Mid-Atlantic SDB meeting as a Microsoft Word document to the following email address: mssaha@wm.edu 

Abstract formatting requirements and information to be included with your abstract are listed below. For your abstract to be processed, you must follow all formatting requirements AND copy the following statement into the subject line of your email: 2013 Mid-Atlantic SDB (abstract)

Abstract formatting requirements:

  • Create abstract using Microsoft Word
  • Include in the document: abstract title, presenting author’s name (underlined), co-author’s names, and institutional affiliation(s)
  • Abstract title in upper case, bold, 14-point Arial font
  • Abstract body, author’s names and institutional affiliation in 12-point Arial font
  • Abstract body should not exceed 2000 characters
  • Margins no less than 1” on all sides

Additional Information: Include the following information at the end of your abstract

  • Consideration as talk? (yes/no)
  • Consideration as poster? (yes/no)
  • Primary Abstract Category: (choose ONE letter corresponding to a category listed below)
  • Secondary Abstract Category: (choose ONE letter corresponding to a category listed below)

Abstract categories:

A – Epigenetics & Genomics

B – Stem cells & Regeneration

C – Specification & Differentiation

D – Morphogenesis & Organogenesis

E – Neural development

F – Evo-Devo & Eco-Devo